Poverty in our city is a many-sided problem. Together with the Amsterdam food service industry and HVO-Querido we have taken up the challenge to help solve this problem. You can help us by donating €1 to StreetSmart. Together we can brighten up all Amsterdam citizens‘ lives.

HVO-Querido offers support to Amsterdam-based families in need. With all the donations, we will prevent eviction and give a temporary shelter to families who just became homeless. Moreover, we desire to start a restaurant where these families can enjoy a night out.

The donated €1 will be added to the bill. If you wish not to contribute, or would like to donate a higher amount, please tell our staff. The project will run from November 1st until December 31st.

Our following restaurants support this project: Happyhappyjoyjoy West & East, Envy, supperclub, Supperclub Cruise, Julius Bar & Grill, Wolf Atelier and Prinz Wolf.

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