It’s time for another monthly interview, this time with ‘Chef Butter’ also known as Samuel Marcelina (26). At Envy he got the chance to explore his patisserie, which he seized with both hands.

Eating in or out? Eating in. I like to chill at home and make some dinner for friends.

On a first date: which restaurant are you going? Depends on the lady… If she likes sushi, we’re going to a sushi restaurant. But if she likes pasta, we’re going to an Italian restaurant. The most of the times it’s a sushi or Italian restaurant. We’ve got a gentleman over here!

What kind of breakfast do you make to win someone over? A normal egg sunny-side-up on toast, but in the best way I can!

Favorite restaurant? The Red Sun, a sushi restaurant, located at the Olympiaplein, but they closed their doors a while ago. There is only one left in Blaricum.

What is the worst thing you ever ate? It isn’t the worst thing I ever ate, but I really don’t like boiled potatoes. I think because I ate them too much when I was younger.

Best quality? That’s a hard one… But I think persevere, not giving up. I’m not a quitter.

Special trick in the kitchen?  They call me ‘Chef Butter’. I always invent new butter flavors and making them is a kind of my thing. Besides that, I also like the contact with the guests, explaining dishes at the table. It makes them feel special, the way we want them to feel.

Inspiration? The most of my inspiration is coming out of my environment, I’m also a member from the society of cooks. Where a lot of nice things are posted on.

Biggest blooper? My biggest blooper… To be honest, I make bloopers every day. But I think my biggest is to stumble over words when I’m at a table. Oh no… Kidding I have a worse one… I was in the kitchen with a piping bag which I had to close, but something went wrong and the piping bag exploded… The whole kitchen was covered in cream…

Favorite dish from the menu and why? The halibut, carrot and pistachio. I love dishes with fish. When we have a new menu, I like to just sit down and explore all the new dishes, for example our new menu.

For what can we wake you up at night? Pom, a Surinamese dish made of a kind of vegetarian cereal filled with chicken and orange juice. My mother always asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and I didn’t care what I got as long as there was Pom.

Goal for the future? Exploring myself further within the patisserie. Envy offers me a challenge and for now I’m definitely on the right place here. But where I will end up later, I’m not sure yet.

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