Get an ice-cold beer and a pizza and you have a valid reason to wake manager Job Brink (26) up. In our 4th short
interview we would like to introduce him to you.

By the way, he said he has never made a blooper at Envy (we don’t believe it).

Eating in or out? Eating in. I love to cook. If I could start over, I would definitely start in the kitchen.

What breakfast do you make to win someone over? English breakfast (or how my wife and I call it: Breakfast for Champions). With eggs, bacon, beans in tomato sauce, sausage, toast, orange juice and coffee. Not a romantic
breakfast, but if you did it right you already won her over before breakfast, right? 😉

What is your favorite wine and/or cocktail? Amarone, a lovely complex red wine. I like wine if it’s a little bit vulgar.

What is your favorite restaurant? My favorite restaurant ever is Noma, it’s in Copenhagen and nowadays it’s closed. But they made special things with the simplest vegetables. It was delicious.

What is your favorite star restaurant? Actually, I have no favorite. But the Jane in Antwerp and the Librije in Zwolle are scheduled. So, who knows… Maybe after that.

What is the worst thing you ever ate? I will eat literally everything. Sign me in for fear factor and I will eat everything they suggest, no problem! I lived three weeks in the jungle of Nicarague with nothing else than a machete. My meal was boiled swamp water, living insects and bamboo.

What is your best quality? I am a good coach and supporter. I’m setting goals and supporting others to achieve them.

What is your secret for amazing service? Stay calm. Be the support point for the team and oversee the situation. 

Biggest blooper? Maybe a bit arrogant… But until now I have no bloopers made at Envy.

Nicest moment with the guests? I always feel honored if guests ask why we don’t have a Michelin star yet.

Craziest request from guests? Haha… It was a romantic request. From a man, he wanted to surprise his wife with a 10-course menu. Every course had to be similar to a specific life phase. So, if they had a trip to Paris, there had to be a course with French food and we also had to play French music… And he requested that on a busy Saturday night.

Favorite dish from the menu and why? The scallops. With fermented black walnuts. It’s innovative and delicious. It has a strong flavor.

For what can we wake u up at night? It’s simple… For an ice-cold beer and a pizza.

Goal for the future? For now, I love working at Envy. We’re growing and it’s amazing to be a part of that. But eventually I would like to move to Portugal or Spain and start my own place over there. Even though I don’t speak the language, the weather is (almost) always good over there and they have a lot of beautiful wines.

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