There’s a small chance that you are allowed to wake him up for a nice vacation, but if he would really like it…. We are not so sure. In the monthly interview, we introduce our manager Ilja Blaauw (27) to you.

Eat in or out? Out, I think it’s relaxed to not be busy with working while eating. Work and food are not a good combination.

What is your favorite restaurant? Kaagman en Kortekaas

What is the worst thing you ever ate? Crocodile in Australia. It was not the meat that wasn’t good, but the dish.

For what can we wake you up at night? Uhm. I’d rather have you not waking me up… But if you have to maybe a nice vacation.

Do you have a guilty pleasure? I’ve been a gamer in my spare time. All of my colleagues know this as well.

Biggest blooper? A tray of red wine, white wine and rosé that I had dropped on a wedding dress before the ceremony. But we cleaned it!! Glassex works wonders. But this was already a while ago!

What is your best quality? I’m good with people. I stay calm and I don’t get mad very fast. This way I can manage people well without losing their respect.

What is your secret for amazing service? Sincere service. People who really like to give people a nice time. That has always been my intention from where I work. Surround yourself with people who really want to learn and want to get better and don’t just see the job as a side job.

Nicest moment with guests? That was with a singer from Coldplay and his wife at the bar! We’ve talked for hours about anything and everything and it was a really nice talk. The whole conversation I did not know who he was, until someone came in and said:  ‘Aren’t you the singer of Coldplay?!’ haha.

Craziest request from guests? Hmm oh dear… Did everyone have their answer ready? Pfoe.. I can’t hold my mind…

Goal for the future? Having my own business. I’m only not sure if that will be a restaurant or a cocktail bar. Probably a restaurant, but that’s not certain.

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