He’s Envy’s Insta Story Guru, a dreamteam with Chef Floris and the organizer in times of chaos. We would like to introduce you to sous-chef Niek van Leeuwen (29) in our 3rd short interview.

P.S.: Watch out you don’t hit an ‘Amsterdammertje’ when you walk past Envy’s window. The pans are not the only hot thing in that kitchen.

Which restaurant would you go to on your first date? I would take her to my favorite one: BAK restaurant, Amsterdam. It is a very innovative restaurant with amazing service!

What is your favorite star restaurant? The Librije*** in Zwolle.

What is your special trick in the kitchen? A bit boring… But I am good in planning and organizing.

Inspiration? Mostly from Instagram, but also from other restaurants and magazines.

Biggest blooper? I was working on sneakers, which is actually not allowed, but pretty bad ass to do, and I was cleaning the kitchen. During this one moment where I picked up a steel pan with chicken stock, I made this big mistake by throwing the stock all over my sneakers…
Results: sneakers were thrown away and my feet were completely burned.

Standard joke in the kitchen? When guests leave the restaurant, sometimes they say: ‘Thank you, it was delicious’. Then I would say: ‘You’re welcome. Next time at your place!’

Eating in or out? Eating out. Actually, I never cook at home. I prefer to take my girl to a restaurant.

For what can we wake you up at night? Beer and langoustine, pan-fried. Wait no, for noodles from Fou Fow Ramen at the Elandsgracht in Amsterdam.

Goal for the future? Eventually I want to open my own restaurant in Zwolle. I will always have a connection with Amsterdam, but I want to go back to my roots in Zwolle.

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