This month we introduce Anna Boertje (25) to you. She is the floormanager and loves to take you into the real Envy experience during your dinner with her knowledge of the food and wines.

Eat in or out?
Uhh difficult question… I think I’d rather eat at home with friends and family. Or with friends and family, even better!

What is your favorite restaurant?
I think that would be Vuurtoreneiland in Amsterdam. It’s not only a restaurant but also an experience. For 5 hours you are in a some sort of different world far from Amsterdam and at the end it’s like you’ve never been away.

What is your favorite star restaurant
I don’t really have a favorite star restaurant. I don’t come there very often. I’d rather eat at Envy or other fine dining restaurants without a star. It’s better value for money there in my opinion.

What is the worst thing you ever ate?
I don’t eat food that’s not tasty very often… I have a mother that can cook really good and if I go out for dinner it’s at restaurants with good food.

For what can we wake you up at night?
Red velvet cake or pasta with figs and lemon.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Butter. I’m actually lactose intolerant, but butter is reeeeally my guilty pleasure.

Biggest blooper?
I had a science teacher at high school with whom I didn’t get along very well. This teacher once came to have dinner at Envy and I accidentally spilled red wine over her, but that was not really credible… But it was really an accident!!

What is your best quality?
Difficult questions! I think that I can take my guest really good into the experience during the dinner. I can talk about the wines and food really good.

What is your favorite dish on the current menu and why?
The ice cream with buffalo yogurt is so different than you expect and the iberico cheek is awesome! It’s sooo intense because of the quail gravy that is being cooked for 4 to 5 days.

What is your secret for amazing service?
Genuine interest in the guests. You need to know if the guests are having a good time. If you are faking it people will know it.

Nicest moment with guests?
There are many good times I have had with guests. I especially think it’s an honor if people go to Job or Ilja to tell them they had a great time.

Craziest request from guests?
A guest wanted to take me to his vineyard in New York. He thought my knowledge of the wines was so good that he really wanted to take me there.

Goal for the future?
Good question. Right now, I’m still studying and besides that I’m working at Envy. After my study I want to find a job in another sector, but I stopped thinking about what I want in the far future. I just let things come my way

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