About us

IQ creative, a privately owned restaurant group based in Amsterdam, which is founded by Bert van der Leden, IQ’s current owner and majority shareholder. In 1999 he purchased the wildly popular restaurant/nightclub supperclub. That’s where it all started…

In the meantime we operate 12 distinct hospitality concepts in Amsterdam and strive to differentiate ourselves in the highly crowded and competitive restaurant industry in Amsterdam by remaining on the forefront of conceptual development and hospitality innovation.

We are always in search of ideas and inspiration and as a team we work tirelessly to bring these ideas to life. From the food, to the interior design and quality of service, IQ Creative delivers the complete package.

We are unique among companies in the industry because we dares to take risks, introducing new cuisines and fresh ideas. Introducing inviting interiors and relaxed environments where eating and drinking can be combined with working, meeting and socializing.

We are never bound by any rules except consistently developing modern restaurant concepts that surprise you