Imagine… the sizzling dishes, the clatter, the aromas and the crowds. The street food markets are a big part in the Hong Kong’s food experience. Come along to watch the people, share a table with a stranger and be totally inundated with great flavors. There is seafood, roasted meats, dim sum, stir fries, noodles, snacks, all types of food “on a stick”, sweets and desserts. Street food in Hong Kong goes beyond the exquisite flavours and electric atmosphere, for Hongkongners, this is serious business, their daily job and it makes them happy.

Our chefs were inspired by these typical markets in cities like Hong Kong. At Happyhappyjoyjoy they prepare all kinds of typical Asian steet food dishes in a perfect way. Directly when you enter Happyhappyjoyjoy you feel like you are in Asia. Enjoy the fantastic and colourfull ambiance. it makes you feel like you want to stay for hours. Besides the different typical Asian street food dishes you can enjoy some special Chinese and Asian tea’s at Happyhappyjoyjoy or different ice-cold beers. You can already have a look at our online menu.

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