There is no one as loyal to Envy and his profession as Milos is. Since 2005 he creates the most beautiful desserts at Envy. A born patissier, who above all prefers to surprise his girlfriend with his own interpretation of the bounty. One you must crack open! A true lady’s man you would say. What makes him happy? Silicone … mats!

Eating in or eating out? In

Favourite dessert? The Garden of Eden, it was on the menu of Envy. What’s in it?
Aloe vera, kiwi, cucumber, yogurt and eucalyptus. Maybe it will be back soon on the menu!

Do you have a guilty pleasure? Any kind of cookie, especially Oreo’s!

When you go out for dinner, do you always order a dessert? Yes, of course!

Favourite restaurant? The Ijkgebouw in Alkmaar, who besides being a rotisserie also serves lovely diches.

What is indispensable in your kitchen? A blast chiller

Inspiration? That differs every time, from internet to books. They give me inspiration and just like that an idea crosses my mind. For example, I also like to watch Roger van Damme.

Favourite tool in the kitchen? Silicone mats! Of course rubber 3D baking forms for chocolates as well. The choices are endless.

At what place do you prefer to buy your kitchen tools? Duikelman in Amsterdam or Cnudde NV in België

First dessert you made for your girlfriend? My own interpretation of the bounty. A dessert which you need to break open to get to its core.

Blunder? Well…using salt instead of sugar…

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