cocktail apt.


Apt is located in the classical Odeon building at the 17th century Singel in Amsterdam. It’s the American style bar where you can drink a fine whiskey before dinner or enjoy a night drinking delicious and perfectly balanced cocktails. Apt, derived from the word apartment, is homey. Here you can relax on our large couches while listening to jazz or blue note and sipping an Old Fashioned.

singel 460 amsterdam
+31 (0)20 344 6400


Old recipes, young brewers, authentic methods with new ingredients. With the emergence of local microbreweries Amsterdam is returning to the craft and simplicity of beer brewing. Why look any further when all the best breweries are right around the corner? These beers have a home at HOPPA! in the historical Odeon building, which once was a brewery itself. Here you can get your fix of Amsterdam’s thirst quenchers, craft beers and brews. In this small intimate bar, which reminds you of an old-fashion tasting room, the old and the new meet.

singel 460 amsterdam
+31 (0)20 344 6400
supperclub amsterdam

supperclub amsterdam

Supperclub is more than a restaurant, a gallery, a bar or a club. It is all of the above. It’s a place where like-minds find each other and go home with a story at the end of the night. Supperclub brings you a night full of spectacle; from exciting food concepts, exhilarating music, provocative performances to artistic visuals. Everyone plays a roll and fills in the white canvas that is the Supperclub. With its dinners, Supperclub offers the opportunity to explore this artistic synergy and to stimulate all senses. Look, smell, hear and taste Supperclub like you will never experience clubbing or dining elsewhere.

singel 460 amsterdam
+31 (0)20 344 6400


The turbulent streets, rich flavors and bright colors of Asia, come together in Amsterdam. Hissing steam pans, barbecues and boiling hot woks are the heart of Happyhappyjoyjoy. Discover this new hangout with a mix of sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami street food typical for cities like Bangkok, Saigon and Hong Kong.

EAST - Oostelijke Handelskade 4 amsterdam
WEST - Bilderdijkstraat 158 hs amsterdam

+31 (0)20 344 6433

julius bar&grill

Julius bar&grill is a modern barbecue & grill restaurant with a charcoal grill and two Green Eggs in the open and centrally located kitchen. The colorful mosaic tiles and private dining rooms give an extra dimension. Located in the Pijp district, Julius bar&grill offers an informal environment where one can come by and enjoy dinner, snacks, or just a drink. Meat isn’t the main ingredient on the barbecue; even desserts are prepared on it!

ceintuurbaan 256-260 amsterdam
+31 (0)20 344 6406


Envy is a cutting edge but intimate restaurant on Amsterdam’s picturesque Prinsengracht. With a cosmopolitan mix of clientele, Envy was awarded a Bib Gourmand by Michelin and named ‘one of the world’s hottest tables’ by the UK’s Independent On Sunday newspaper. Envy’s style is to serve a selection

prinsengracht 381 amsterdam
+31(0)20 344 6407


At Vyne it’s all about wine! Managed and run by trained sommeliers, Vyne is a Mecca for the ardent wine connoisseur and the enthusiast alike. Vyne boasts over 270 varieties of wines from across the globe with many available by the glass.Food is also important, and very popular is the ‘Vyne Flight’, a tasting where a selection of wine and food are perfectly matched. Envy and Vyne are located 20 meters apart from each other.

prinsengracht 411 amsterdam
+31(0)20 344 6408

mazzo amsterdam

Mazzo is considered the Jordaan’s new living room - a beautifully crafted mix of relaxed Italian-style dining, meeting place and café. All dishes served are basic, recognizable and affordable. The decision towards simplicity was made to highlight the high quality of Italy’s amazing ingredients such as olive oils, mozzarella, salamis and prosciuttos.

rozengracht 114 amsterdam
+31 (0)20 344 6402

supperclub cruise

Same Supperclub, completely different setting! Sail along: sip champagne on the sunny open air deck, have dinner in La Salle Neige or dance the night away in Le Bar Noir. Supperclub Cruise is four .decks high and is open for dinner, group reservations and special events. All aboard for an amazing new Supperclub experience!

ruyterkade pier 14 amsterdam
+31 (0)20 344 6403

heineken hoek

A place for delicious traditional Dutch food with a twist, made wit fresh local ingredients, that puts a smile on the faces of Amsterdam locals.

kleine gartmanplantsoen 1-3 amsterdam
+31 (0)20 344 6430
Wolf Atelier

Wolf Atelier

Wolf Atelier is located near Amsterdam Central Station in a monumental railway bridge entirely made of glass. Named after chef Michael Wolf, his green/open and urban atelier with its 360° view is considered to be the perfect location to discover his perfection. Here he experiments and invents new international dishes and, determined by the feedback of guests, some dishes will obtain a spot on the menu.

Westerdoksdijk 20-brug amsterdam
+31 (0)20 344 6428